To seek out and nurture a community of champions of change that will create safe spaces for real conversations. To connect military members with champions and other support networks to change the cultural landscape. To educate through storytelling, workshops and events being real and raw so others will follow. To rise authentically together. 


A sustainable, happy and empowered military. To reduce unnecessary discharges and increase personal growth.


A military where members are accepting of culture, genders, individual differences and are able when needed to drop masks, be real, raw and authentic and empower each other in the process.


To seek out key individuals within military who could influence and help distribute and direct education of Let’s be Real and Champions of Change community.


To expose through military platforms of the availability of this support network. To work with Commanding Officers on creating a champions community and educate unit personnel through presentations and workshops.


To continually grow and change the military landscape for a healthier and more sustainable workforce. 

Objective goals 

Champions of change community throughout military.

Let’s be real support network providing connections, events, presentations to empower military individuals. 

Hi, I’m Kylie Michelle

FOUNDER – Let's Be Real Community

CREATOR– Champions of Change Program

BLOGGER – Let's Sit Loosely With That

Happiness Career Planner

Senior Equity Advisor

Communication Mentor

Combat Fitness Leader

Sexual Ethics Educator