Rising Without Anger steps you through a process of finding your authentic voice in any arena. It will equip you with the tools to be true to yourself and let fear slip away whilst empowering those around you. You will rise to be able to see the bigger picture letting go of the small stuff. You will feel connected within career and friend circles, providing a circle of support.  

Women are Rising – let us be the best version of ourselves.  

Do you feel like you have you lost your authentic self and wondering who you really are?

Stuck in fear and anger and want to rise above to feel confident and happy.

Unable to connect with others and not having a circle of support.  

Feeling disconnected in your career, unable to bring your authentic self to work or even speak up in a meeting for fear of being belittled? A need to lead from an authentic place

Then the Rising Without Anger Workshop is for you.

This workshop helps women create space to reconnect to themselves and establish a strengths-based culture. I believe that everyone can be a champion of change – a champion of change for self, groups, and other women.  

July is Woman Rising month at Let's Be Real

Kylie will run live online webinars during this month, aligning with this course to bring the circle together.   

You will have also have access to a private Facebook Group where you will find other women you can connect with.

In this course

This online workshop is a self-paced 9 module course. The package includes videos, stories, and worksheets, all created to follow through and take away great tools to assist women in rising.   

During this course you will work through  

  • The Inner Critic  
  • Safe Space  
  • Finding your circle  
  • Understanding power differences 
  • Future Self  
  • I am enough  
  • Empowering  
  • A personal development 90-day plan 

You will also find bonus material as a guided visualisation/ meditation and ebook.    


How does this work?  

On investing, you will have full access to the course. It is a self-paced course, and you can go through it at your own speed. You can go back over any of the modules as you please.  

To ensure that all different learning styles are catered for, you will have access to the content through video. This will help connect with Kylie as she talks through the course. All content in each module is written out so that you can read through as you need.  

 In each module, to assist with the learning and help create your new tools, there is a worksheet to print and go through containing questions covered in the module.  

You will find bonus material as a guided visualisation/ meditation and ebook.    

All the content is right on the Teachables platform, and all worksheets are downloadable for you to work on.  

This is not a course about feminism...

...but rather understanding the dynamic of working with men and getting some tools in your toolbox so you can come back to you. You get control of your thoughts, turning them into a positive lens. It is taking back your own happiness. This course leaves you understanding that inner dialogue but better than that, helping you sift through so you no longer stop living a life you love. It creates an opportunity for you to chase all the things you love in life – removing shame and guilt.   

 You will find your voice at the table, feeling authentic and empower others to do the same.    

You will find your self-worth. Dealing with systemic hurdles You will rise to the top empowering all women with you and no never having to step over anyone to get there.   

You will pivot and grow – you are worth this.  


If you feel you are fighting your way through your career, in constant worry or distress, then this course will help you establish tools to be the source of your own calm. 

"I feel like Kylie has read my mind knowing all my inner thoughts. I have learnt so much working with her, and I know I will use my new tools" ~workshop participant. 

Join the course

To help in any situation, you first need to look within...

Fit your mask before helping others. When you work on you everything around you will fall into place, everything becomes well. Just like when you exercise, your nutrition becomes better, you become healthier, clothes fit better. It takes one thing to create a domino effect. This course is your one thing – it will create a ripple.    



Who is this course suited for? 

Firstly for all women as it hits points that impact all of us. It was created in mind for women who work in male-dominated industries.

However, the tools you will take away from this course will assist you in any work environment.

You will also be better equipped to navigate through your day to day with a better understanding of who you are.